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Leah Walton, Actress, Story Teller, Singer
Leah Walton, Actress, Story Teller, Singer

Photo Credit: Brett Thomas

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Photo Credit: Matt Urban, NuPoint Marketing

Leah Walton, Actress, Story Teller, Singer
Leah Walton, Actress, Story Teller, Singer

Photo Credit: Luis Fernando Rodriguez

“All I can say is WOW!! I finally had a breakthrough within myself on how to get through to a character. It's complicated at times but you made it simple. I know why I want to be an actor but you showed me how to be an actor. Thank you, thank you, thank you."



"You have a tremendous gift as a teacher. I always enjoy every minute of your classes - they challenge me and make me laugh at the same time.” 



“I truly feel more at ease with my body and now have many new ways to approach a text. I will certainly use everything I learned with you.”



“You were incredibly supportive and engaging.”



“Thank so much for the encouragement and feed back. I feel very fortunate to have studied with you, you're a wealth of knowledge and an inspirational teacher. "



“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your feedback.  It’s thoughtful and honest, as well as bang-on, and I find it very helpful.  In your class my confidence has grown.  I can definitely apply your suggestions to the part I’m working on now, which is not only useful but timely!  This class was really, really fun and I not only had a good time but also feel I got a lot of your approach.  You’re very present, and I quite like how you communicate your ideas with movement as well as words.  So, thank you.”



“THANK YOU for your joy in approaching the work and making a fun, easy-going class atmosphere!  It was so great watching everyone in the room become their own vessels, displaying emotion and objective through their bodies.  It was just so beautiful to watch and I wanted to personally thank you for your patience and just overall love in teaching us!  Hope to work with you again some day!”



“Thanks so much for your insightful critiques. I really enjoyed the class; particularly after doing the scene study classes, it was great to try to work from a more physical place.”


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